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GTA 5 PC Packages Options


GTA 5 PC Packages Options


Money is grinded up on your account.  This is not in violation of the Terms of Service of Rockstar Games, and should not result in any bans or money wipes.

Choose what Package you want *

Green checks indicate what you get, gray x’s indicate what you do not get

What platform did you purchase GTA from? *

Steam Username Or Social Club Email *

If you bought GTA on Steam put your Steam Username in this box
If you bought GTA with Social Club put your SC email here
If you bought GTA with Epic Games put your EG email here

Password *

Contact Email *

Do you Understand? *

By checking this box you understand that if you purchased from Steam or Epic Games you will have a 2FA (2-Step Authentication). Please temporary disable this so that your order can be processed when it is your turn.

Delivery Speed *

All hours are calculated as business hours which are 2:00 PM EST to 1:00 AM EST

Ban/Money Wipe Warranty

This warranty will compensate for a money wipe or ban. We have never had any one get banned or money wiped for using our services but if you feel better having a warranty we do offer it. Video evidence is required for warranty to be valid.

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